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Senior Product Designer

Fuel Labs

Fuel Labs

Product, Design
Posted on Friday, September 22, 2023
Why Fuel?
Fuel's tech is unprecedented. Fuel VM is parallelized, state minimized and highly interoperable. It combines UTXO’s, Parallelization, Asset Oriented Design, Security, and Interoperability, to create one package which is optimized to solve for the world of Ethereum Rollups.
Think of it as a high-performance blockchain operating system, that provides high throughput without sacrificing decentralization or security. Our platform serves as a comprehensive Rollup OS tailored for the Ethereum network, simplifying the development process for builders around the world.
In short, all the existing limitations when building DeFi protocols are being solved with Fuel.
What We Do
Launched in 2019, Fuel began with the debut of Fuel V1, our first major step toward enhancing Ethereum’s scalability, and since then we've grown to offer a complete rollup operating system. We create innovative technologies like the Fuel Virtual Machine, and Sway—a programing language designed specifically for blockchains—that together form a robust environment for developers. These tools are part of our commitment to optimize and expand Ethereum's potential for all its users.
Who We Are
Our team comprises over 80 professionals, including builders formerly from well-known Web3 organizations such as Consensys, Polygon, Polkadot and Ethereum. Our team works remotely, hailing from diverse locations globally, and we value curiosity, passion, and accountability in our collaborative efforts.
About This Role
Until now, our design efforts have been led by our head of product, but it's time to separate the design into a dedicated role. As our first Product Designer, you will work closely with our head of product and a team of world-class engineers to build the best blockchain user experience the world has yet to see.

You’ll get to:

  • Work with a collaborative team, made of the smartest minds in the industry
  • Build out totally new product experiences from scratch
  • Iterate rapidly with immediate user feedback
  • Define a unique brand and style guide from scratch

Areas of Responsibility

  • Design experiences around core user flow like on-boarding, exploring applications on the network, token and staking mechanisms.
  • Work on design primitives that will be used to help developers build more user friendly applications on our network.
  • Work with the front-end team to expand and maintain our design system → [https://design.fuel.network/](https://design.fuel.network/)
  • Establish feedback systems that consistently gather user insights, helping the team prioritise and improve our wallet and block explorer

Required Experience

  • At least 5 years of experience as a product designer working on products with actual user feedback (Agency and consultant experience does not count)
  • Designed data heavy or complex financial applications
  • Developed and maintained design systems from scratch
  • Programming experience is a big plus, such that you can better work with our engineers and speak their language
  • Have been a user of crypto for +2 years and understand the UX problems that litter the space
Join Us!
Fuel is a place of innovation and connection—not just online, but in person. We regularly gather to share insights and strengthen our team dynamics, ensuring our passion for innovation translates into real-world solutions.
If you're ready to contribute to making Ethereum more user-friendly and efficient for developers and users alike, we encourage you to apply, and explore how your talents can contribute to our mission.
Are you prepared to shape the future of Ethereum? Discover your role at Fuel, and join us in this unprecedented adventure.