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Capital Director, Japan



Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

About Antler

Antler is a global VC backing the world’s most driven founders, from day zero to greatness. Founded on the belief that people innovating is the key to building a better future, we partner with people across six continents to launch and scale high-potential startups that address meaningful opportunities and challenges. Knowing that exceptional founders can come from anywhere with any background, we have offices in 30 cities, including Amsterdam, Austin, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Bangalore, Jakarta, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney. Our global community backs people from the beginning with co-founder matching, deep business model validation, initial capital, expansion support, and follow-on funding. Fueled by a personal passion that goes beyond traditional investing, we have helped create and invested in more than 600 startups across a wide range of industries and technologies, with the goal of backing more than 6,000 by 2030.

A better future won’t happen automatically—the world needs talented, determined, and resilient people to build it. Antler team members are part of an ambitious global community dedicated to helping the most driven founders move the world forward. We ease the path to entrepreneurship so more exceptional people can launch and scale companies that disrupt the status quo, create employment, contribute to GDP, and drive technology development and adoption. As the world presents an ever-increasing number of opportunities and challenges, founders are more needed than ever to address them. Join us to support them and help make progress inevitable.

Position Overview:

The Capital Director is responsible for capital origination and execution by way of the Antler Japan fund.

  • Cultivate, build, and maintain relationships with a material group of relevant LPs for investments into Antler’s Japan Fund.
  • Actively map the fundraising network in Japan (and globally) to thoughtfully identify fundraising opportunities
  • Drive Investor Relations: build and maintain relationships with a large group of suited LPs for investments into Antler’s Japan fund, by keeping LPs well-informed
  • Build out a network of well-connected supporters and advisors that can help broaden the reach of our fundraising efforts through high-quality monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc reports, and as requested by LPs

Key Experience:

  • 7 - 10 years of work experience in institutional fundraising (Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Fund of Funds, Wealth Managers et al) - venture capital experience would be an advantage but not essential
  • Robust understanding of investment management and financial market products and services with pronounced commercial instincts
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage personal and professional network with family offices and institutional investors
  • Experience in leading fundraising processes for funds, including day-to-day management of the fundraising process

Key Attributes:

  • High entrepreneurial drive and leadership intrinsics paired with a collaborative team-oriented approach to driving toward successful commercial outcomes
  • Strong Communication Skills - verbal and written
  • Strong Personal Impact - ability to establish a high level of credibility externally and internally - personable, mature, influential
  • Strong Commercial Acumen and a natural intellectual curiosity
  • Close attention to detail, with a reputation for producing consistent, clear, and reliable work
  • Proficient in Google Suites and CRM systems
  • Distinctive track record of academic and professional achievement
  • Fluency in Japanese and English

The Antler Proposition:

  • Create a legacy and have a large impact: be part of building hundreds of disruptive companies that will define the next wave of tech
  • An opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of people about to turn into entrepreneurs
  • An opportunity to build a high-volume investment track record both in early-stage companies and also in the later stages
  • An opportunity to greatly impact the direction and success of Antler globally
  • A competitive compensation package







  • アントラーのジャパンファンドへの投資に関する関連LP(Limited Partner)との関係の育成、構築、維持
  • 日本(および世界的に)の資金調達ネットワークを積極的にマッピングし、検討深く資金調達の機会を特定
  • 投資家関係の推進:アントラーのジャパンファンドへの適切なLPとの関係の構築と維持、LPを十分に情報提供することにより
  • 高品質な月次、四半期、およびアドホックなレポートを通じて、資金調達の範囲を広げるためのネットワークの構築およびLPの要望に応じたサポーターおよびアドバイザーのネットワークの構築


  • 機関の資金調達における6〜10年の実務経験(ファミリーオフィス、エンドウメント、財団、年金基金、ファンド・オブ・ファンズ、ウェルスマネージャーなど) - ベンチャーキャピタルの経験があれば有利ですが、必須ではありません
  • 投資管理および金融市場の製品およびサービスに対する確固たる理解と商業的な直感
  • ファミリーオフィスや機関投資家との個人的および専門的なネットワークを活用する能力の実証
  • ファンドのための資金調達プロセスのリーダーシップ経験、資金調達プロセスの日常的な管理を含む


  • 高い起業家精神とリーダーシップの本質を備え、成功した商業的結果に向けて協力的なチーム志向のアプローチ
  • 強力なコミュニケーションスキル - 口頭および文章
  • 強力な個人的影響力 - 外部および内部で高い信頼性を確立する能力 - 親しみやすく、成熟し、影響力を持つ
  • 強力な商業的な洞察力と自然な知的好奇心
  • 細部への注意、一貫性のある、明確で信頼性のある仕事の評判
  • Google SuitesおよびCRMシステムの習熟
  • 学術および専門的な実績の顕著な履歴
  • 流暢な英語と日本語


  • 遺産を創造し、大きな影響を与える:次のテクノロジーの波を定義する何百もの革新的な企業の構築に参加
  • 数百人の起業家になろうとしている人々の人生を変える機会
  • 初期段階の企業だけでなく、後期の段階でも高いボリュームの投資実績を構築する機会
  • アントラー全体の方向と成功に大きく影響を与える機会
  • 競争力のある報酬パッケージ